Introduction of the College of Social Sciences

The College of Social Sciences (CSS), previously the College of Law, established in 1982, taking five departments, two independent master programs, and three major research centers since 1993. The CSS is one of the most complete interdisciplinary schools in central Taiwan.

Currently, the College consists of the Department of Economics, the Department of Political Science, the Department of Sociology, the Department of Social Work, and the Department of Public Management and Policy. The two independent master programs are the Graduate Institute of Education and the Executive Master of Public Affairs. All the departments offer master program, while Sociology, Social Work, and Political Science also offer doctoral programs.

Tunghai University, established in 1955 with strong liberal arts tradition, is one of the most prestigious University in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities in Taiwan. With the strong tradition, faculties of the CSS are working hard to reach the goal. In teaching, they seek to cultivate in students depth of thought, ability in foreign languages, knowledge of conferences, ability to draft plans, write essays, and official correspondence, as well as the skill in administration and management. Students of the college undergo rigorous professional training, gain solid grounding in economics, sociology and administrative skills so as to work towards the creation of a stronger and ideal society.

In addition to the research grants from National Science Council, professors also are sponsored by governments and organizations to engage in various research projects. At the same time, in order to take part in social services, professors join academic organization, government organizations, and social NGOs as members, advisors, consultants, and etc.